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I think home is less about a place and more about a feeling. For me, that feeling is evoked by a good candle, lush plants and, of course, beautiful cashmere. These items are like emotional anchors. They keep me grounded throughout the seasons.
My latest SS22 cashmere collection for spring/summer is about passing on those soothing and heartwarming feelings of home to each one of you through tactile shades, resonant textures and effortless silhouettes. At home, we tend to feel our most relaxed, our most at ease and our most content. Castanea cashmere is designed to replicate all of these emotions so that you can feel your most comfortable, confident and authentic self wherever you happen to be.
For this season, I’ve embraced a palette of nature-inspired shades, from Butternut and Jute to Cherry Blossom, Cloud and Clay. With their velvety finish, these dulcet tones have a gentle warmth reminiscent of home comforts. Despite it being spring, cooler tones feel counterintuitive. Even the delicate shade of Snow chosen for the Peraga sweater has a delicate flicker that adds to its soothing quality.
This spring, I’ve introduced three new styles to the Castanea archive. The Fira and the Clodagh are zip-front sweaters with delicate pointelle detailing. I love the juxtaposition of utilitarian hardware with feminine elements, as it creates a modern and fresh aesthetic. These zip-front designs, with their oversized collars, can be worn as either high-neck sweaters or fluid cardigans, giving each piece a dual identity. Just as you can indulge any aspect of your personality in the comfort of your own home, so Castanea’s clever designs afford you this same luxury. 
In shades of Jute and Foggy respectively, the Fira and Clodagh have that whisper of warmth I love, but with an earthy freshness that feels right as we move through the season. The Oia comes in more dramatic shades of Thunder and Orange Glass.
The intensity of these colours is balanced by the simplicity of a classic design. With a round neck and longer-length sleeve, the Oia is a cool and contemporary starting point for any outfit, and its pared-back aesthetic reflects very much the kind of unfussy, effortless dressing that works so well in the brighter months.
It’s that time of year when we begin to peel back the layers and rely on simple pieces that offer maximum impact. The Oia is such a piece. Style it with a simple silk skirt for an easy look that embodies modern luxury.
You’ll find plenty of Castanea favourites in the collection too. Our beloved hoodies are back, as are our athleisure-inspired sweaters, scarf-neck styles and oversized cardigans. We’ve continued the directional detailing that has become Castanea’s signature.
Visible seams, raglan sleeves, honeycomb stitching and discreet ruching give Castanea cashmere a considered point of difference. They also bring a stunning texture to each garment, which is such an important part of awakening that welcome home feeling we all crave from our clothes.
Touch, like smell, can instantly make us feel inspired, excited, comforted or cocooned. 
Investing in a piece of Castanea cashmere is about nurturing those feelings of coming home, and this is what mindful shopping is all about. Enjoy the longer days and brighter evenings.
Love Paula x
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