Why You Should Invest in Cashmere

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Why You Should Invest in Cashmere

It is becoming increasingly important to make sustainable fashion choices. Here at Castanea, we believe in investing in the highest quality garments that will last for life. Cashmere garments can be dressed up or down for any occasion and are a staple in any wardrobe. Here are the top five reasons why we think you should invest in high quality cashmere:

1. Cashmere is built to last

We have had cashmere garments in our wardrobe for over twenty years that we still reach for on a daily basis. If cared for properly, cashmere garments will get softer with each wash and will hold up impeccably over the years. Cashmere is an investment, however it is an item that can be worn for years and years to come.

Check out our Cashmere Care Guide to ensure you are washing your cashmere correctly and get the most wear out of your garments.

2. Cashmere is lightweight but incredibly warm

Cashmere comes from the undercoat of goats. Goats develop wonderfully thick coats made up of a coarse outer guard hair and a fine, soft undercoat. This makes cashmere as comfortable to wear on a summer afternoon as it is on a frosty winter morning. Cashmere fibres are extremely thin meaning a sweater produced from 100% cashmere may look thin but is an excellent thermal layer.

To find out more about the Scottish cashmere yarns that are used at Castanea visit the Todd & Duncan website.

3. The texture of Cashmere is exceptionally soft and cosy

Cashmere is an incredibly soft fibre that feels so comfortable against the skin. Cashmere is a great alternative for people with sensitive skin that may find other fabrics itchy against their skin. It is a luxurious fabric that is soft and cosy, yet it makes you look sophisticated.

4. Cashmere is an ethical fashion choice

Animal welfare, sustainability and traceability are the three pillars of the cashmere industry’s ethical sourcing initiatives. All Castanea’s garments are made using the best cashmere yarns we can find. We seek out companies that work in partnership with approved de-hairers & encourage sustainable herding and grazing practices.

A cashmere garment is a garment for life and by purchasing high quality garments that can be worn year after year you are positively contributing to the slow fashion movement.

5. A classic Cashmere sweater is timeless

Despite how quickly trends come and go, cashmere has a classic look and feel that is on trend year after year. Cashmere is considered an investment as it is extremely durable. It is appreciated by young and old and is often passed from one generation to the next.  

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury and invest in the highest quality cashmere. Shop our full collection of cashmere sweaters here.


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