Who is Castanea?

Paula Marron- Founder of Castanea

Castanea is an Irish design shop that offers premium cashmere clothing company, we consist of a small team led by our gallant leader, Paula Marron.  We believe in quality, femininity, and putting in the hours to deliver high-quality products that you love before you even take it out of the box.

Paula Marron- Founder of Castanea

Paula Marron – Founder of Castanea

Our name comes from Paula’s last name, Marron, meaning sweet chestnut in many different languages throughout the world, then Paula threw a Latin twist on it, landing on CASTANEA. 


“The chestnut marks the change of the seasons & a time where you pull out your cashmere to cosy up for colder months ahead, although I wear my cashmere all year round! “


Celine Purslane Cashmere Sweater


We believe in the power of words, all of our products are designed to have a strong name and an even stronger meaning behind each one, but it wouldn’t be fun if we explained it all for you, (but if you need to know just ask!) 


Jim Cashmere SweaterOur mission and vision is simple and has always been, to make women feel beautiful and confident in themselves, and we believe that all starts with being as comfortable as you can in pure luxury. 



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