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Style Guide: Take your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn

By October 7, 2020Style Guide
Dark grey cashmere seater and scarf set

As we are coming into the colder months and new Autumn Winter lines are hitting the shelves, it can be tempting to ditch your summer wardrobe and buy a whole new wardrobe for the new season. Here at Castanea, we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable in our fashion choices and we believe in buying less but buying better. By investing in high quality products, this allows us to wear our pieces across each season year on year. Although investment pieces may appear more expensive, in the long run the cost per wear ends up incredibly low. 

Here are some of our top tips for taking your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn:

1. Modern twin set

One of our favourite ways to wear our comfy cashmere sweaters is over dresses and skirts. Layer a scarf and sweater over your Summer dresses for a new lease of life. 

Here we added our Girolata cashmere sweater and scarf in flannel to a beautiful summer dress to transform the outfit and add warmth.

Dark grey cashmere seater and scarf set

2. Layer up for Autumn

Not only is a layering look fashion forward this season but it is also very functional. As the weather is still unpredictable layering allows you to take layers off or add more as the weather changes. 

Pair our Orla’s Blanket cashmere scarf and Marc cashmere hat in Artichoke with your favourite sweater to complete this look.

3. Invest in a statement coat

If you invest in a statement coat for the Autumn Winter months, it will be with you for years to come. A statement coat worn over a chunky cashmere sweater is one of our favourite Autumn Winter looks, not to mention is so warm and comfortable. Rather than buying several new coats each season invest in one statement coat that will dress up any outfit day or night.

Here we styled our Calvi cashmere hoodie with a beautiful Irish tweed coat from The Landskein for a comfortable office look.

4. Add deeper colours

Adding deeper colours to your Summer wardrobe is a great way to transition your wardrobe to Autumn while still keeping some of your favourite pieces. Mixing deep khakis, browns, navys and blacks with your summer stables creates a beautiful Autumn look. 

We added our Fini cashmere sweater with a leather belt to add depth to one of our maxi skirts we wore throughout the Summer months. 

5. Wrap up in a Cardigan

Cardigans are huge on the runway this season, they are also perfect to wear over some of your favourite Summer pieces. A wrap cardigan can add additional layers to a Summer dress or skirt making it perfect to wear this Autumn.

Here we added our June cashmere cardigan to a pair of our Summer jeans to make it more suitable for Autumn Winter.

Our number one style tip when entering a new season is to invest in high quality products that will last for years to come and you won’t end up replacing the next season. Taking this approach results in building a wardrobe of staple products that are high quality and positively contributes to the slow fashion movement.

See our full Autumn Winter Collection here.


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