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How is Castanea Cashmere Made?

By July 1, 2020Cashmere

Here at Castanea we take pride in ensuring that each of our customers receive the highest quality cashmere garments that will last a lifetime. Each of our garments go through a meticulous creation process from start to finish to deliver cashmere’s to our customers that are nothing short of pure compromised luxury.

The Yarn

We are very proud and honoured to use the finest yarn available from Scottish cashmere experts Todd & Duncan. Todd & Duncan are a world renounced yarn producer that have perfected and refined their traditional techniques over two centuries to create a cashmere yarn that piles less than any other. It is produced in their Loch Leven mill in Scotland, and is drawn on their expertise in dyeing, knitting performance, colour-matching and everything else.

“Scottish cashmere is appreciated by young and old – often passing from one generation to the next.”

– Todd & Duncan

The Design

All of our garments are designed by Castanea’s Founder and Irish Designer Paula Marron. With over a decade’s experience working with knitted cashmere and it’s this remarkable fibre that plays the central role in the brands philosophy, it is no surprise that Paula has been referred to as a ‘rising Irish cashmere queen’ by Irish Times Fashion Editor, Deirdre McQuillan.

Paula is often inspired by contemporary architecture & artists. For spring summer 2020 she was inspired by a sailing trip around the coast of Corsica. Deep azure blue winning the colour of the season inspired by the clear tropical waters of the boat only accessible waters of Piana, Corsia.

Each garment is designed for women who feel. The ethos of Castanea is ‘to make women feel strong and confident in themselves’ to feel you, to feel fierce, feel wild, feel 100% authentically you in pure luxury.  Castanea believes in minimal less but better design, with proper care our cashmeres are to last a lifetime.

The Knitting

Each of Castanea’s cashmere garments are handmade in Nepal using the most expert craftsmanship.

Each piece is individually knit to shape and linked together by hand. From beginning to end, each piece goes through a meticulous process of hand finishing, with every garment passing through a minimum of twenty experienced knitters.


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