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How to wear Cashmere in Summer

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“Can you wear cashmere in summer?” Is a question that we hear all the time. The properties of cashmere make it a suitable fabric to wear all year round. As we are all embracing fabulous Ireland this Summer on our staycations, cashmere is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe to take any outfit from day to night.

The Properties of Cashmere

One of the most amazing things about cashmere is the thermoregulatory properties of cashmere fibres can keep us warm in the winter while also keeping us cool in the summer. As cashmere is a natural fabric, it allows our skin to breath and it is able to maintain a consistent body temperature. This makes cashmere fabric suitable for even the hottest of summer months.

Castanea’s spring summer cashmere pieces are made from featherweight 100% cashmere making them the perfect cashmere sweater for warmer summer months. The spring summer 2020 collection was inspired by a sailing trip around the coast of Corsica. Deep azure blue winning the colour of the season inspired by the clear tropical waters of the boat only accessible waters of Piana, Corsia.

Styling Summer Cashmere

Cashmere can be styled in so many ways and can really add some fabulous colours to your summer wardrobe. Here are our top five tips for styling your cashmere this summer:

  1. Wear your cashmere post-swim

    After going for swim, there is nothing cosier than popping into your cashmere sweater. The fibres will keep you nice and warm and feel so soft against your refreshed skin.


2. Wear your cashmere over a full summer dress

Cashmere sweaters are perfect for wearing over a full summer dress when the weather is as unpredictable as it is here in Ireland. If the sun does come out, you can always pop your beautiful cashmere over your shoulders.

3. Wear your cashmere on cool summer nights

We never go on a night out without our cashmere. It is a great option to bring on summer nights as you may be sitting outside or by the sea as it gets cooler in the evenings. Pop your cosy cashmere on over any outfit for a chic summer look.


Summer Cashmere Style Inspiration

Every week we post style edits on the Castanea Instagram page that show you how we would style our cashmere pieces this Summer. Make sure you follow @castanea_official on Instagram for the latest style inspiration and use #MyCastanea in your outfit photos.

Here our some of our recent Summer cashmere style edits

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Why You Should Invest in Cashmere

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Why You Should Invest in Cashmere

Why You Should Invest in Cashmere

It is becoming increasingly important to make sustainable fashion choices. Here at Castanea, we believe in investing in the highest quality garments that will last for life. Cashmere garments can be dressed up or down for any occasion and are a staple in any wardrobe. Here are the top five reasons why we think you should invest in high quality cashmere:

1. Cashmere is built to last

We have had cashmere garments in our wardrobe for over twenty years that we still reach for on a daily basis. If cared for properly, cashmere garments will get softer with each wash and will hold up impeccably over the years. Cashmere is an investment, however it is an item that can be worn for years and years to come.

Check out our Cashmere Care Guide to ensure you are washing your cashmere correctly and get the most wear out of your garments.

2. Cashmere is lightweight but incredibly warm

Cashmere comes from the undercoat of goats. Goats develop wonderfully thick coats made up of a coarse outer guard hair and a fine, soft undercoat. This makes cashmere as comfortable to wear on a summer afternoon as it is on a frosty winter morning. Cashmere fibres are extremely thin meaning a sweater produced from 100% cashmere may look thin but is an excellent thermal layer.

To find out more about the Scottish cashmere yarns that are used at Castanea visit the Todd & Duncan website.

3. The texture of Cashmere is exceptionally soft and cosy

Cashmere is an incredibly soft fibre that feels so comfortable against the skin. Cashmere is a great alternative for people with sensitive skin that may find other fabrics itchy against their skin. It is a luxurious fabric that is soft and cosy, yet it makes you look sophisticated.

4. Cashmere is an ethical fashion choice

Animal welfare, sustainability and traceability are the three pillars of the cashmere industry’s ethical sourcing initiatives. All Castanea’s garments are made using the best cashmere yarns we can find. We seek out companies that work in partnership with approved de-hairers & encourage sustainable herding and grazing practices.

A cashmere garment is a garment for life and by purchasing high quality garments that can be worn year after year you are positively contributing to the slow fashion movement.

5. A classic Cashmere sweater is timeless

Despite how quickly trends come and go, cashmere has a classic look and feel that is on trend year after year. Cashmere is considered an investment as it is extremely durable. It is appreciated by young and old and is often passed from one generation to the next.  

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury and invest in the highest quality cashmere. Shop our full collection of cashmere sweaters here.

How is Castanea Cashmere Made?

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Here at Castanea we take pride in ensuring that each of our customers receive the highest quality cashmere garments that will last a lifetime. Each of our garments go through a meticulous creation process from start to finish to deliver cashmere’s to our customers that are nothing short of pure compromised luxury.

The Yarn

We are very proud and honoured to use the finest yarn available from Scottish cashmere experts Todd & Duncan. Todd & Duncan are a world renounced yarn producer that have perfected and refined their traditional techniques over two centuries to create a cashmere yarn that piles less than any other. It is produced in their Loch Leven mill in Scotland, and is drawn on their expertise in dyeing, knitting performance, colour-matching and everything else.

“Scottish cashmere is appreciated by young and old – often passing from one generation to the next.”

– Todd & Duncan

The Design

All of our garments are designed by Castanea’s Founder and Irish Designer Paula Marron. With over a decade’s experience working with knitted cashmere and it’s this remarkable fibre that plays the central role in the brands philosophy, it is no surprise that Paula has been referred to as a ‘rising Irish cashmere queen’ by Irish Times Fashion Editor, Deirdre McQuillan.

Paula is often inspired by contemporary architecture & artists. For spring summer 2020 she was inspired by a sailing trip around the coast of Corsica. Deep azure blue winning the colour of the season inspired by the clear tropical waters of the boat only accessible waters of Piana, Corsia.

Each garment is designed for women who feel. The ethos of Castanea is ‘to make women feel strong and confident in themselves’ to feel you, to feel fierce, feel wild, feel 100% authentically you in pure luxury.  Castanea believes in minimal less but better design, with proper care our cashmeres are to last a lifetime.

The Knitting

Each of Castanea’s cashmere garments are handmade in Nepal using the most expert craftsmanship.

Each piece is individually knit to shape and linked together by hand. From beginning to end, each piece goes through a meticulous process of hand finishing, with every garment passing through a minimum of twenty experienced knitters.


Shop the full range of handmade 100% cashmere sweaters here.