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Castanea Promise To You

Celine Purslane Cashmere Sweater

At Castanea, we believe that women are amazing. They’re powerful, unstoppable forces, all while moving and existing with a beautiful femininity about them. We exist to help women feel themselves, their beautiful, unique selves. That’s why we here at Castanea only use the best high-quality European yarns available to us, in the hope that we can help women everywhere feel comfortable whether it’s wrapped up in front of a fire in these cold early months or when they’re busy doing the day to day jobs. 

Celine Purslane Cashmere Sweater

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” 

-Coco Chanel

Calvi Hoodie MoonjellyOur Irish design products are always designed with the initial thought of, “How do we make women feel themselves?” And we believe it all starts with being as comfortable as possible. That’s why the utmost care and dedication are put into our high-quality products because quite frankly, you deserve the best quality luxury products and to feel comfortable!

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