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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat a loved one (or yourself) to a fabulous gift from Castanea. Give the gift of luxury this year. A Castanea Cashmere is the ultimate luxurious gift that keeps on giving & will last for years to come. 

Here at Castanea we believe that self love is what’s important. Why not celebrate you this Valentine’s Day?

Our top picks this Valentine’s Day

Pip cashmere sweater in Peony / Woad patches


Atriona cashmere sweater in Kola / DayGlo

Jim Cashmere Sweater

Jim cashmere sweater in DayGlo


Our gift to you this Valentine’s Day is 15% of any purchase from February 7th – 14th February.

Just use the code LOVEYOU at checkout.


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Who is Castanea?

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Castanea is an Irish designed cashmere clothing company, we consist of a small team led by our gallant leader, Paula Marron.  We believe in quality, femininity, and putting in the hours to deliver a product that love before you even take it out of the box.

Paula Marron- Founder of Castanea

Paula Marron – Founder of Castanea

Our name comes from Paula’s last name, Marron, meaning chestnut in many different languages throughout the world, then Paula threw a Latin twist on it, landing on CASTANEA. 


“The chestnut marks the change of the seasons & a time where you pull out your cashmere to cosy up for colder months ahead, although I wear my cashmere all year round! “


Celine Purslane Cashmere Sweater


We believe in the power of words, all of our products are designed to have a strong name and an even stronger meaning behind each one, but it wouldn’t be fun if we explained it all for you, (but if you need to know just ask!) 


Jim Cashmere SweaterOur mission is simple and has always been, to make women feel beautiful and confident in themselves, and we believe that all starts with being as comfortable as you can in pure luxury. 



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Autumn winter 19 inspiration

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CASTANEA is kick starting off the autumn winter 2019 season. Here we have some important inspiration that formed shapes in our Thapa ’19 collection.

This is the Escaltura 2, 1977 – 2007 by Ascanio MMM.  We were immediately drawn to the modern linear twists & turns, therefore this lead to the design of one of our best sellers for the season. The Thapa sweater.

A season favourite at Castanea. The Thapa sweater was inspired by the Escultura 17, 1978-2003  sculpture by Ascânio MMM.  Brazilian artist Ascanio MMM is able to experiment with different angles and volumes to create unique sculptural geometric formations.

The Thapa slim hand knitted cashmere sweater has a basic body however the sleeve details make it come to life. The bracelet sleeves feature silk and cashmere knitted sculptural rectangles that fall to the wrists with a celebrated elegance.

Keep it tonal or go for a pop of colour for the more adventurous wearer.

You can now preorder the AW19 collection – CASTANEA.IE

A guide to Care for your cashmere

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To get the most from your Castanea cashmere regular cleaning is required. It is important to give them a thorough cleanse & avoid having a sleeping pile of knitted sweaters in your laundry room! Unfortunately there are harsh consequences to washing your cashmere incorrectly; so please follow this guide carefully. Cashmere does fall into the hand wash & dry clean only category. It can be washed in a laundry bag if your machine has a cold hand wash cycle but they will last much longer if washed by hand.

Step 1.

It is best to use a clean sink or basin, make sure there is no residue of cleaning products on the surface of whatever you choose. Fill the basin with cool to tepid water. It is not necessary to freeze your hand off with polar ice cold water! Add a small amount of gentle cashmere or knitwear detergent. We recommend the Laundress cashmere shampoo, Ecover delicate, or you can use Woolite. Briskly swirl the shampoo in the water with your hand for even distribution & to generate suds.

Step 2.

Turn your knit inside out and submerge in the water. Make sure to not mix any colours together.

Gently massage the soapy water through each fiber. Don’t rub, wring or twist the fabric while washing. Spot treat any problem areas with a squirt of neat detergent and massage gently with fingertips. Allow the garment to soak for 5 – 10 mins. It might be good to set a timer at this point as you may walk off and forget!

Step 3.

Drain the bowl or sink and rinse until the water runs clear. Be sure to use the same temperature water as you used to wash. Don’t wring or twist to remove excess water, instead lay the item out on a towel, gently roll up (like a sausage roll) and lightly press. Remove the sweater from the towel and reshape by hand. Lay the cashmere on a dry clean towel and let it air dry.

Button up cardigans and pull pockets straight. Keep it away from heat sources like radiators and sunlight, allowing it to air-dry naturally.

Step 4.

Once dry, fold your cashmere carefully. You can give it a gentle steam to remove any creases. Do not lay an iron flat on your cashmere. If you can, we recommend you wrap your cashmere in acid-free tissue paper, which preserves original colour and protects against damp and dust. Store your clothes in a well-aired area, dust free and covered, away from sunlight.


Moths love cashmere and they are particularly attracted to the natural oils we produce when wearing our cashmere. They love our dirty clothes so to keep the dreaded moths away we recommend hand washing your sweaters regularly. Also lining your chosen storage area with fragranced anti-moth paper. If it’s a wardrobe, invest in some cedar balls or scented sachets.


Cashmere is a fine fibre and pilling will happen depending on the amount of wear and tear you give it. This is not symptomatic of inferior quality, but rather an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this fine fibre. Avoid any rubbing motions with your handbag & purses. Also try to keep your knits away from jewellery as it can cause snags.

Pilling can easily be removed using de-bobbling comb or even a standard razor, though you need to be very careful not to cut the fabric if doing so.

Your Castanea cashmere will improve with age if cared for properly, and will last for years to come.

Gifts for her

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Here at Castanea we think anything in cashmere makes a super special gift any woman won’t forget in a hurry. It really is a gift that keeps giving! The fiesta red coloured sweaters & accessories are the obvious choice for a truly festive & luxurious gift.


However if you want to splurge we recommend the Liza sweater. It is crafted from a super soft mid-weight knit with voluminous waffle puffed upper sleeves that lead into chunky ribbed cuffs, and features a high turtle neck & thick luxurious cardigan stitch body.

Get it in Fiesta Red for the social butterfly,  

Pale Blue for the modern woman,

or Chiffon Pink for the hopeful romantic!

Vogues Sweater

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We are delighted to see the gorgeous new mum Vogue Williams wearing the Edel cashmere sweater for a recent outing with her new husband Spencer Matthews & new baby Theodore. Vogue is a champion supporter of Irish knitwear. Thanks Vogue.




Cashmere Sweaters

The Gloss Magazine Interview with Castanea’s Paula Marron

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Irish Cashmere Designer Paula Marron and owner of Castanea Irish Designed Cashmere Sweaters and Luxury Knitwear was recently interviewed by The Gloss Magazine.

Source: http://thegloss.ie/ripping-yarns-paula-marron/

Paula Marron Cashmere Sweaters” SS18 is all about a new spin on age-old crafts. We celebrate the perfectionism and perseverance of LOCAL DESIGNERS AND ENTREPRENEURS who are WEAVING A SPELL. First up, meet PAULA MARRON …

With her label Castanea, Marron has given luxurious cashmere separates a thoroughly modern makeover.

HER BACKGROUND: After studying fashion at NCAD I interned at Ralph Lauren in London. When I came home I worked with the designer Rachel Mackay, who has since passed away, and then at Sphere One with Lucy Downes, where I stayed for ten years.

THE APPEAL OF CASHMERE: I’m very tactile and love working with my hands. Most of my degree collection was knitted, some by hand but mostly by machine. Cashmere is so soft and luxurious; it’s the Rolls Royce of yarn.

Read the Full Article at the following link http://thegloss.ie/ripping-yarns-paula-marron/

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